Faceoff: Gambit vs Venom


Both of these dudes come from the Marvel Universe, but take residence in different sectors. Gambit is powerful and crafty mutant from the X-Men series. Venom is a psychotic extraterrestrial supervillain with a taste for chaos. So we’re asking if these two were to cross paths, who would come away with the win? Be sure to cast your vote and leave a comment.

Gambit vs Venom

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Tiger Woods Making ‘Moves’

If you haven’t picked up a PlayStation Move yet and have a serious hankering for some virtual golf, then the new Tiger Woods 12 Move bundle should be on par with your needs. Sony has officially announced a new SKU priced at $100 which will land you a full copy of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters, a PlayStation Move controller and of course a PlayStation Eye camera. There’s been a ton of Sony motion control bundles released since Move hit the scene, but this one actually looks like the best fit. It definitely beats the copy of Sports Champions that ships with the original bundle, but that’s just our two cents.

Droid 3 Ready to Come Home on July 14th

After a barrage of internet leaks and blurry cams, Verizon has finally come clean about the DROID 3. The Moto-made lineup will become a trilogy on July 14th for a price of $199 on a two-year contract. Your hard earned pesos will score: a 4-inch qHD display, 8-megapixel camera, dual-core processor and a fresh helping of Android 2.3. There’s also the addition of a redesigned keyboard, which now has a fifth row for numbers. As for all of you LTE hopefuls, you won’t find any 4G love here, but if Big Red hasn’t reached your coverage area yet, does it really matter? Full press release after the break.

Facebook and Skype Playing Nice

It was rumored and now it’s fact. Facebook boss Mark “The Zuckster” Zuckerberg  has announced that Facebook is getting Skype video chat. This motion will partner up the biggest social media giant with the biggest VOIP. The new service will be available in the next few weeks. As far as those of you who spend more time on Skype, you’ll be seeing integration as well. Skype version 5.3 will have access to update your Facebook status, as well as the ability to “like” posts and call friends. Sorry smartphone fans, no word on if or when we’ll see this in mobile form, but we’re willing to bank on something soon. They’ve gotta leave something to the imagination right?

What Did You Think of Transformers 3?

Now that the holiday weekend has came and went, we wanna know your thoughts on Transformers: Dark of the Moon? Aside from the typical Michael Bay stuff: explosions, long action sequences, and shameless product placement, we thought the movie was pretty good. It gave us what we wanted and never tried to be something that it wasn’t. Now before we lose focus and end up turning this into a review, we’re just gonna get back to the question at hand, what did you think?

Gears of War 3 Leaked

Video games seem to hit the torrent scene a few to a couple of weeks before there street dates, but several months is a big deal! Recently torrent trackers have been packed with a unfinished build of the highly anticipated Gears of War 3. Microsoft’s security team has been working with law enforcement trying to sort things out. We’re gonna pitch a little warning to those of you who might be thinking about giving this one a go. Seeing how this is an internal pre-retail build of the game, we expect that they’ll be going all out in making an example out of people caught with this one.

Faceoff: Captain America vs Omega Red


Call us super cheesy, call us patriotic, but right now Captain America vs Omega Red sounds fitting. Both were originally created to be super soldiers for their cause. Aside from their abilities, and moral differences, these guys are somewhat similar. So the question is who wins and a battle to the end? Be sure to cast your vote and let us know what led to your decision.

Captain America vs Omega Red

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Aaron Griffin aka Ice-T Gets Busy in Gears of War 3 [Video]

We enjoy a good Gears of War montage like anyone else, but this one holds a special place in our hearts. This minute long massacre features Aaron Griffin whom happens to be voiced by Ice-T. Yes we know ‘Ice Loves Coco,’ but apparently he loves kicking ass as well.

PSN Welcome Back Kit Coming to an End

Almost a month ago, Sony had a grand reopening for the PlayStation Network after a malicious attack by internet bad guys. In an effort to apologize to loyal customers Sony assembled a Welcome Back kit, which offered a chunk of free content and games. If you haven’t taken advantage of this offer, you better act fast, because this Sunday is the last day for this offer. All you need to do is visit the PlayStation Store and hit the tab marked “Welcome Back.” Also as another friendly reminder, for those of you who’ve already redeemed your freebies, you may want to make sure your billing for the free PlayStation Plus service isn’t set to auto-renew. Of course if you’ve enjoyed the service, then by all means keep it, but we can already imagine the phone calls Sony is going to get when the auto-renewals start kicking in.

First Galaxy Tab Getting Gingerbread Love

Galaxy Tab early adopters just might have something to smile about. Our friends over at Sprintfeed have landed an internal Sprint document dating the original 7-inch Galaxy Tab’s Gingerbread update. The document states that on July 5th people will starting seeing notification of an OTA update being available for their tablet. This may not turn your legacy Galaxy Tab into a Galaxy 10.1, but it should at least put a little pep in its step. The plan is for the update to be carried out over a four-day period.

Via: Sprintfeed