Sprint Targeting Uncertain T-Mobile Customers With Credit [Update 2]

It’s been no secret that Sprint has a beef with AT&T’s current attempt to buy T-Mobile. CEO Dan Hesse has publicly called it bad for competition, saying “If AT&T is permitted to devour one of the two remaining independent national wireless carries, while the rest of the world achieves advances in technology and innovation for the 21st century, the U.S. will go backwards- toward last century’s Ma Bell.” In an interesting yet competitive spin, we’ve received yet another internal Sprint document from one of our beloved Super Spies. The document gives up info on an upcoming promotion that the Now Network will be running aimed specifically at T-Mobile customers on the fence about this whole AT&T thing. The offer will allow T-Mobile customers the option to port their existing number over to Sprint and receive a credit for their early termination fee with T-Mobile. In the event the acquisition falls through and they wish to return to T-Mobile, Sprint will credit their early termination fee. This sounds like an interesting offer for those looking to test the waters, but be sure to act fast, because the document states the promotion ends on July 23rd. We’ll have more information as this further develops.

Update: This promotion will initially be aimed at business customers and evaluated for future use with non-business accounts.

Update 2: In an email sent to CNN Sprint has now confirmed that this promotion is available for both consumer and business accounts, with business customers receiving up to $175 in credit and individuals receiving up to $125 in credit. Sprint is now claiming that the offer is valid for those switching from any rival carrier.

  • Anonymous

    Only business customers. That sucks. I was going to go for this.

    • Anonymous

      Not sure if you know or not, but it is now for everybody 

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully they’ll go after the normal customers after this!

  • AnonGuy

    Sorry Sprint your 3G is slow as hell. Your 4G is AWOL everywhere. Most of your high end smartphones have landscape slider keyboards (eek!), and your phone repetoire isn’t even that good not to mention you have more bloatware on your devices than AT&T and T-Mobile. I think I’ll stay and just go back to AT&T if it comes to that. Thanks for the offer, though! Also, credits suck. If you want customers then just ETF the accounts no one wants to wait 1-2 months to see if some enormous credit is going to be posted after they’ve ETF’d 2+ devices in their family plan to move. That can be like 400+ USD.