Sprint Increasing 4G Upload Speeds Starting June 10th

If you’re a Sprint customer rocking one of their many WiMax 4G devices, brace yourself for a boost in upload speeds. One of our beloved Super Spies has sent us a shiny internal Sprint document that advises of a 4G uplink speed increase on dual mode and single mode devices starting on June 10th. The new increase will raise the upload speed cap from 1 to 1.5Mbps. Now we know people tend to focus on download speeds, but think about all the data you actually do upload when on the go, especially pictures! We must warn that your data speeds will vary based on your coverage location, but seeing a potential speed increase is always a good thing. We’d also like to add since this is a network-based change, this will not require any software installation on your part. So get ready to fire up those speed test apps!