Sprint at it Again! Still Going After T-Mobile and AT&T Customers

A little while back Sprint put together a promo aimed directly at T-Mobile customers. They soon tried to sweep things under the rug and claimed the promo was “for all non-Sprint customers.” However we’ve just received an internal document from our beloved Super Spies, which clearly shows they’re keying in on T-Mobile customers and now AT&T customers. The document states that towards the end of this month, Sprint will send out direct mail and email offers targeting T-Mobile and AT&T customers. The special promotion will offer $175 credit for porting over a new business line and a 12% monthly service discount. In addition to a bit of savings, they’re offering two handsets with this sales pitch. New customers will have the chance to pick up a free BlackBerry Style or a Motorola XPRT for $130. Sprint boss Dan Hesse has openly opposed the ATT&T/T-Mobile deal and it appears the company is following their leader’s lead with campaigns like this one. The deal targets customers in: Chicago, Miami, Colorado, Phoenix, Utah, Houston, Tampa, Minnesota, Kansas, East Michigan, Los Angeles, Orlando, New York City, and Dallas/Ft Worth. If your business operates in these areas and you’re looking to switch mobile carries, there’s no time like the present.