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EVO 3D Heading to T-Mobile?

Our friends over at Tmonews have received info on the EVO 3D making its way through the FCC with AWS bands. They’re the first to say this doesn’t mean it will show up on T-Mobile, but stranger things have happened. We’ve seen our share of EVO clones, but would HTC consider bringing this product line to another carrier? If T-Mo pulls this off, an EVO 3D, G2X, and Sensation lineup sounds like enough to make the other carriers a bit envious.

HTC EVO 4G Getting Manual Gingerbread Update Starting June 3rd and OTA on June 6th

Are you an EVO owner feeling a bit of Gingerbread envy? Well friends worry not! Our Super Spies have sent us an internal Sprint document providing details on the HTC EVO 4G’s official Gingerbread update! EVO owners will be able to manually search for the update on June 3rd by checking in their phone’s settings. The OTA update will start rolling out on June the 6th. Customer’s phones will start notifying them that their device needs the latest software version and will ask them if the wish to allow installation. The update is listed as “4.22.651.2,” which also includes a fix for the dreaded Android SMS issue, as well as a fix for syncing multiple Gmail accounts. The entire process should take around ten minutes depending on your connection.

Third Samsung Galaxy S II Commercial [Video]

We’ve showed you the first and second Samsung Galaxy S II commercials and now they’ve got a third one on tap. Just like the ones before it, it’s a little on the boring side. The main focus this time appears to be how thin the device is. Come on! You’ve watched the other two. So why not give this one a try? Video embeded after the break.

Samsung Galaxy S II Gets Another Commercial [Video]

The first Samsung Galaxy S II commercial was a bit on the gentle side. This time things have gone rugged, but still aren’t that exciting. We’re guessing they’re going for a simplicity theme with this ad campaign. Check out the thirty second spot after the break.

Samsung Galaxy S II Commercial [Video]

The Samsung Galaxy S II is definitely on its way and Sammy is starting their ad campaign. This one isn’t all OMG, but it does help remind us that the phone is in their pipeline. Perhaps on the next go around they’ll have something a bit more edgy? In the meantime check out the twenty second bit after the break.

Samsung Galaxy S II What We Know So Far

After a first time success a sequel is almost a given. The Samsung Galaxy S series had a very good run across all the major carriers, so a follow up was bound to happen. That familiar but new image sitting next to us is that of the Samsung Galaxy S II. As far as specs go here’s what we’ve got: A 4.3-inch super AMOLED display, 1GHz dual-core Orion ARM-Cortex A9 processor, Android 2.3 (Gingerbread),  8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, dual-surround sound speakers, NFC support, 4G connectivity (HSPA+ and LTE). It is surprising that there is no word of a front facing camera. Perhaps following the in the footsteps of the first Galaxy S phones it will come up a little different on each carrier? Maybe we’ll even see a slider or two?  There has even been talk of a 3D display coming into play (wow they’re really pushing this 3D stuff hard aren’t they?) Hopefully Samsung doesn’t go all Nexus S on us by leaving out the memory card slot. Only time will tell what we’ll see, but we’re expecting Samsung to make an announcement soon, we’re talking hours, days at most.