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What Did You Think of Transformers 3?

Now that the holiday weekend has came and went, we wanna know your thoughts on Transformers: Dark of the Moon? Aside from the typical Michael Bay stuff: explosions, long action sequences, and shameless product placement, we thought the movie was pretty good. It gave us what we wanted and never tried to be something that it wasn’t. Now before we lose focus and end up turning this into a review, we’re just gonna get back to the question at hand, what did you think?

HTC EVO 3D and HTC View 4G Land on Sprint for $200 and $400 on June 24th

After weeks of speculation, both the HTC EVO 3D and HTC View 4G now have official release dates! Sprint has both devices set for a June 24th release and lists the EVO 3D at $200 and the View 4G at $400,with a two-year contract of course. We’re not too sure if releasing them on the same day is a good thing or a bad thing, as theoretically this could make for one expensive day for some customers. Qualified Sprint Premier customers will have an opportunity to purchase the EVO 3D three days early and will receive an email notifying them of¬†eligibility. Shot of the View 4G followed by a full press release after the break.

Nintendo 3DS Update Hitting June 6th

Just in time for their E3 press event, Nintendo will be updating the 3DS on June 6th. The new firmware bump will be serving up the addition of an internet browser and Nintendo’s eShop. 3DS owners will also score a free copy of the NES classic Excitebike, which will be remastered in 3D. Nintendo has committed to adding new content every Thursday starting with Super Mario Land, Alleyway, and Radar Mission. Full press release after the break.

‘Shark Night 3D’ Looks Bloody Awesome! [Video]

I have a confession to make. Monster movies are a guilty pleasure of mine. Nothing like a paper thin plot wrapped around a bunch of gore! Only one thing can be better, seeing it all in 3D! Shark Night 3D isn’t this generation’s Jaws, heck it probably won’t even be this generation’s Deep Blue Sea, but it still looks awesome. Now before you go calling me a madman, you have to take these types of movies at face value. If you’re able to do that, you’ll have a good time. Trailer and full synopsis after the break.

‘Titanic’ Making Big Screen Return in 3D on April 6th 2012

We knew this was gonna happen and now we have a date! Even though he’s openly stated that he is “not a fan of post-converted 3D.” James Cameron’s Titanic will be making a grand 3D return to theaters on April 6th 2012. This almost lines the release up with the 100-year anniversary of the historical ship’s maiden voyage, which was on April 10th 1912. We’re not too sure how family members of passengers who lost their lives are gonna feel about this. No matter what the case may be, we’re willing to bet that Cameron’s big boat movie will dominate the box office one more time. Full press release after the break.

Samsung Making Good on Free 3D Glasses Promotion

Earlier in the year Samsung had a promotion running where if you purchased select 3DTVs from participating retailers you’d receive two pairs of 3D glasses free. At this point some people still haven’t received their free 3D glasses, but we’ve got some good news for you! Samsung is launching a site dedicated to making good on the promotion’s promise and will be providing 3D glasses to customers who purchased qualifying TVs between April 24th 2011 and June 25th 2011. You’ll need to file a claim within 90 days of purchasing your TV and provide proof of purchase. It’s good to see this situation being resolved, because what’s the point in owning a 3DTV without 3D glasses? Full press release after the break.

Real Popcorn Horror Ready for a Comeback With ‘Fright Night’ [Video]

As an 80′s baby I got to see some of the best popcorn horror flicks ever made. One of the best of it’s time was good old Fright Night. So of course in today’s age of “hey let’s make a 3D remake!” DreamWorks has decided to do just that. The new¬†Fright Night was shot in 3D and expected to carry an R rating. Your cast includes: Colin Farrell (Jerry Dandrige), Anton Yelchin (Charley Brewster), Toni Collette (Judy Brewster), Imogen Poots (Amy Peterson), and Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Evil Ed). We still want our remake of Silver Bullet with a Gary Busey cameo, but this will have to do for know. Trailer waiting for you after the break, be sure to watch it with the lights on!

‘Green Lantern’ Gets a Second Trailer [Video]

Ready for a June 17th release, Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern is literally weeks away. This being the “Summer of the Supers” and there being a lot of competition (Thor, Captain America, X-Men: First Class), both Warner Bros and DC have decided to release a second trailer. Oddly enough it is being said that this will run with Thor‘s previews. It’s kinda odd to advertise a DC movie during a Marvel flick, but business is business. It appears that you’re now faced with a tough decision. Wait two days and pay to see Thor? Or move past the break and watch the trailer right now?

New ‘Green Lantern’ TV Spot [Video]

So we know somebody, who knows somebody on American Idol. So yeah we’re guilty of watching reality TV every now and then, but occasionally something decent happens. Of course we’re not talking about the TV show! We’re talking about the big budget film trailers that tend to air during the show’s commercial breaks. Last night we saw the latest TV spot for the upcoming Green Lantern and from what we can tell there were a few extras added to the stuff we’ve already seen. Go ahead and take a look for yourself and see if you can spot the new footage.

Wanna See Four Minutes of Green Lantern? [Video]

The recent convention snippets of Green Lantern have been getting such a good buzz, that Warner Brothers has decided to share some of it with the rest of the world. So if you’ve been to WonderCon or CinemaCon you’ve already seen this stuff, actually you’ve seen six minutes more. So grab a snack and move past the break where four minutes of embeded goodness awaits.