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Netflix Inks Deal With Miramax

In another effort to further their quest to dominate your home entertainment experience, Netflix has just put together a deal with Miramax. Rumored to cost the company with all of those red envelopes around $100 million. This will bring an even larger amount of content to their instant stream service. Miramax has a deep library of movies and most of the beloved Quentin Tarantino collection. Rumored to be a five year deal, you can expect your Instant Queue to put on a little weight around this time next month. Full press release after break.

AT&’T-Mobile’… AT&T Spends a Cool $39 Billion to Buy T-Mobile

Oh wow! Does someone have some humble pie to eat. After T-Mobile’s strong ongoing commercial campaign dissing AT&T, T-Mobile has a brand new owner. Wait for it… Nope it ain’t Sprint, and it ain’t Big Red. Yep, you guessed it, AT&T and Deutsche Telekom have reached a $39 billion agreement. The aftermath of this new mobile monster will result in something around 130 million customers. Now before all you T-Mobile and AT&T customers start trying to call each other expecting it to be free, please note that the deal is still pending regulatory approval. This process alone can take up to a year, anyone remember when Sprint bought Nextel? Well, so long fab four(Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint), hello big three!

Intel Picks up McAfee for $7.68 Billion

In another step towards world domination Intel has just acquired McAfee. Yep you read the headline correctly for a beyond grand total of $7.68 billion with a B. It is being told that the company will function as a wholly owned subsidiary. The deal is still pending shareholder approval, regulatory clearances and all that other big deal jazz. In the end this new pick up translates to about $48 per share, that’s a copy of Antivirus for each of us!