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Gears of War 3 Leaked

Video games seem to hit the torrent scene a few to a couple of weeks before there street dates, but several months is a big deal! Recently torrent trackers have been packed with a unfinished build of the highly anticipated Gears of War 3. Microsoft’s security team has been working with law enforcement trying to sort things out. We’re gonna pitch a little warning to those of you who might be thinking about giving this one a go. Seeing how this is an internal pre-retail build of the game, we expect that they’ll be going all out in making an example out of people caught with this one.

Aaron Griffin aka Ice-T Gets Busy in Gears of War 3 [Video]

We enjoy a good Gears of War montage like anyone else, but this one holds a special place in our hearts. This minute long massacre features Aaron Griffin whom happens to be voiced by Ice-T. Yes we know ‘Ice Loves Coco,’ but apparently he loves kicking ass as well.

Gears of War Alumni Will Get a Bonus With Gears 3

If you’re one of the many planning on picking up Gears of War 3 this coming September and you’ve already finished the last two games, there’s a little something extra waiting for you. Epic Games’ Rod Fergusson told MTV that extras from Gears past will carry over if you have the necessary Achievements. For example if you have the golden Lancer or Hammerburst from the second game, they’ll be available to you in the third game. Fergusson also hinted that there were other extras that will reward people who have played the previous games.

Faceoff: Battle of the Bromance Marcus and Dom vs Sev and Rico


In times of war, there’s nothing like having someone to watch your back. These two pairs give new meaning to the word bromance. We wanted to know who you thought was the better duo, and who wins in an all out deathmatch? Be sure to cast your vote and leave a comment letting us know what led to your decision. Both the COGs and ISA fight for worthy causes, but today they fight each other! There is no penalty for being a fanboy/fangirl, in fact we encourage it!

Marcus and Dom vs Sev and Rico

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Gears of War 3 Just Got a New Trailer [Video]

This is easily the most anticipated game at E3, especially if you’re an Xbox 360 fan. Gears of War 3 just got a brand new rocking trailer featuring: War Pigs by Black Sabbath. Things are really starting to look like they’re going to conclude with a bang. September 20th needs to hurry up and get here already!

Gears of War 3 Collector’s Editions Detailed

Ready to spend 150 bones? Info for the Gears of War 3 Limited and Epic editions have been revealed and things look pretty sweet. You’ve got until September 20th to figure things out!

Limited Edition ($80): An Octus Award Box with Octus Service Medal – A 1:1 match in size and weight, this zinc-alloy cog-shaped medal replicates the award given to Adam Fenix in recognition of his work on the Hammer of Dawn. Exclusive Unlockable Adam Fenix Multiplayer Character – Each Octus Service Medal replica is engraved with a unique Xbox LIVE code that is the only way to unlock Adam Fenix in multiplayer. A fabric COG Flag – Proud colors that once flew above the House of Sovereigns. The personal effects of Adam Fenix, including his “Last Will and Testament,” the initial Hammer of Dawn schematic, and other Fenix family mementos.

Epic Edition ($150): A Limited Edition 11-inch Marcus Fenix Statue, The Art and Design of Gears of War by Tom Bissell (fully loaded 96 page book), Infected Omen Weapon Pack — Custom multiplayer skins for the game’s five starting weapons; Lancer, Retro Lancer, Hammerburst, Sawed-off Shotgun, and Gnasher Shotgun. Plus you’ll get everything from the Gears of War 3 Limited Edition.

Gears of War 3 Hitting Retail September 20th

Microsoft and Epic have officially announced that Gears of War 3 will go on sale on September 20th. So you can head to your local game store and start stacking up $10 per month, which should have you all covered. Well at least until they announce some insane collector’s edition, so you might wanna stay on standby. If this still sounds too far away for you, remember there is a Gears 3 beta in the recently released Bulletstorm. This should hopefully calm those cravings down just a bit.

Gears of War 3 Takes Three Shots, Screenshots That is

Epic has let loose a small taste of Gears of War 3 screens and we’re just glad to show them. Too bad the game won’t be released until the holiday season. We must say it’s looking pretty good so far. Makes us wish we still had that time machine around but that’s another story in itself.

Gears of War 3 Delayed! SAY WHAT?

April 5th 2011 was the given date for Gears of War 3 to be released. Apparently this wasn’t written in stone, because yep you guessed it, it’s been delayed! The game is now slated for a fall 2011 release. Epic is saying this has nothing to do with development and is about marketing. We don’t know about you but we don’t need any commercials or promos give us the game now and we’ll be happy! On a serious note Microsoft is said to be promising Gears of War 3 will be “the biggest entertainment launch of 2011.” This is all great, but why announce this now? The game went from being months away to now a year or longer. We’re speculating that the alleged “marketing” could really be due to the release of Bulletstorm being set for February. Most likely Epic doesn’t want this important title to be overshadowed by the release of Gears of War 3. This is just speculation on our part but what do you expect? We’re pissed!

Dev Commentary on Bulletstorm Action (Video)

Get a taste of Bulletstorm and some of it’s offerings, we’re sure you’ll get a kick out of it. We’ll just leave it at that.