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A Taste of Sprint’s Q3 Roadmap Detailed

While having a conversation with a close Sprint source, we ended up getting some new details on the Now Network’s Q3 lineup. We came away with details on the Samsung Galaxy S II, but also found out there’s another Galaxy S sequel on the way. Our source revealed to us that Sprint has plans to release a follow up to their popular slider the Epic 4G. The Epic 2 and Galaxy S II are set to be a part of Sprint’s Q3 roadmap. This means we can expect to see something between July and September. Our source says they’re expecting Sprint to ride out the EVO 3D as their premiere Android device for the majority of the summer and that we can most likely expect a late August to mid-September release for these devices.

Sprint at it Again! Still Going After T-Mobile and AT&T Customers

A little while back Sprint put together a promo aimed directly at T-Mobile customers. They soon tried to sweep things under the rug and claimed the promo was “for all non-Sprint customers.” However we’ve just received an internal document from our beloved Super Spies, which clearly shows they’re keying in on T-Mobile customers and now AT&T customers. The document states that towards the end of this month, Sprint will send out direct mail and email offers targeting T-Mobile and AT&T customers. The special promotion will offer $175 credit for porting over a new business line and a 12% monthly service discount. In addition to a bit of savings, they’re offering two handsets with this sales pitch. New customers will have the chance to pick up a free BlackBerry Style or a Motorola XPRT for $130. Sprint boss Dan Hesse has openly opposed the ATT&T/T-Mobile deal and it appears the company is following their leader’s lead with campaigns like this one. The deal targets customers in: Chicago, Miami, Colorado, Phoenix, Utah, Houston, Tampa, Minnesota, Kansas, East Michigan, Los Angeles, Orlando, New York City, and Dallas/Ft Worth. If your business operates in these areas and you’re looking to switch mobile carries, there’s no time like the present.

Sprint Increasing 4G Upload Speeds Starting June 10th

If you’re a Sprint customer rocking one of their many WiMax 4G devices, brace yourself for a boost in upload speeds. One of our beloved Super Spies has sent us a shiny internal Sprint document that advises of a 4G uplink speed increase on dual mode and single mode devices starting on June 10th. The new increase will raise the upload speed cap from 1 to 1.5Mbps. Now we know people tend to focus on download speeds, but think about all the data you actually do upload when on the go, especially pictures! We must warn that your data speeds will vary based on your coverage location, but seeing a potential speed increase is always a good thing. We’d also like to add since this is a network-based change, this will not require any software installation on your part. So get ready to fire up those speed test apps!

HTC EVO 4G Getting Manual Gingerbread Update Starting June 3rd and OTA on June 6th

Are you an EVO owner feeling a bit of Gingerbread envy? Well friends worry not! Our Super Spies have sent us an internal Sprint document providing details on the HTC EVO 4G’s official Gingerbread update! EVO owners will be able to manually search for the update on June 3rd by checking in their phone’s settings. The OTA update will start rolling out on June the 6th. Customer’s phones will start notifying them that their device needs the latest software version and will ask them if the wish to allow installation. The update is listed as “4.22.651.2,” which also includes a fix for the dreaded Android SMS issue, as well as a fix for syncing multiple Gmail accounts. The entire process should take around ten minutes depending on your connection.

Samsung Trender Offering Sprint Customers Unlimited Talk and Text for $49.99 on June 5th

There’s been a lot of back and forth between the major mobile carriers about who offers the most bang for your buck. Sprint apparently is trying to raise the bar, by lowering it. Our Super Spies are at it again! Pictured above is the Samsung Trender, an entry level phone with below average specs, but there’s more than what meets the eye. Releasing on June 5th, the Trender will cost only $29.99 on contract and will sport a package of unlimited talk and text at a low, low price of $49.99 per month. This may not be the trailblazing device of your dreams, but it seems almost ideal for someone with kids who love to talk and text. We’ve been advised that this plan is for individuals only and that data will be an additional charge, but considering the phone’s 2.8-inch display, are you really gonna browse the web on this thing?

HTC Arrive Getting Security Update on May 24th

We just got another interesting tidbit from one of our Super Spies that might prove useful to you HTC Arrive owners out there. The document we received states that the HTC Arrive will get a software update on May 24th. It refers to the update as “1.29.651.02″ and says it provides “better device security.” We’re banking on this being the update that deals with fraudulent third party software certificates that lead to phones being hacked. People will be able to apply the update by syncing their device with Zune via PC. As far as we know this is the main focus of this update, but we’ll do some digging and see if it brings anything else.

Sprint Targeting Uncertain T-Mobile Customers With Credit [Update 2]

It’s been no secret that Sprint has a beef with AT&T’s current attempt to buy T-Mobile. CEO Dan Hesse has publicly called it bad for competition, saying “If AT&T is permitted to devour one of the two remaining independent national wireless carries, while the rest of the world achieves advances in technology and innovation for the 21st century, the U.S. will go backwards- toward last century’s Ma Bell.” In an interesting yet competitive spin, we’ve received yet another internal Sprint document from one of our beloved Super Spies. The document gives up info on an upcoming promotion that the Now Network will be running aimed specifically at T-Mobile customers on the fence about this whole AT&T thing. The offer will allow T-Mobile customers the option to port their existing number over to Sprint and receive a credit for their early termination fee with T-Mobile. In the event the acquisition falls through and they wish to return to T-Mobile, Sprint will credit their early termination fee. This sounds like an interesting offer for those looking to test the waters, but be sure to act fast, because the document states the promotion ends on July 23rd. We’ll have more information as this further develops.

Update: This promotion will initially be aimed at business customers and evaluated for future use with non-business accounts.

Update 2: In an email sent to CNN Sprint has now confirmed that this promotion is available for both consumer and business accounts, with business customers receiving up to $175 in credit and individuals receiving up to $125 in credit. Sprint is now claiming that the offer is valid for those switching from any rival carrier.

Sprint Instant Rebates Extended Until June 4th

A little while back we broke word of Sprint brining back mail-in rebates and ending their instant savings promotion. It seems that they’ve had a recent change of heart. We’ve received a new document from one of our Super Spies that indicates that they’re extending the promotion until June 4th. We’re hoping that they can take the hint and this can become a permanent practice. Perhaps if people buy enough products we’ll see a change? We’ll play this one close to the chest until we hear otherwise. At least you’ll be able to get a quick deal on all the stuff coming on May 8th.

Sprint Getting WiFi Only Moto Xoom on May 8th for $600

Well what do we have here? It looks like May 8th is gonna be an extremely busy day for the Now Network! They’ve got the BlackBerry PlayBook and Nexus S 4G set for release and you can now add the Motorola Xoom to the mix! Our Super Spies are at it again and have managed to snag another Sprint internal document for us that not only dates the release of the WiFi version of the Xoom, but most importantly the price! There’s also details on accessories as well. So the question is which tablet will you get? Or will you be holding out for the HTC Flyer? We’ll have more to come as things develop.

Sprint Instant Rebates Soon Coming to an End

Remember when we broke word that Sprint would be doing away with mail-in rebates? Well we’d hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we’ve got word that the days of instant savings are numbered! After looking at some info we received from one of our beloved Super Spies, we quickly noticed that it stated, “Mail-in rebates are still instant until 5/7/11.” This means instant savings will be calling it quits just one day shy of  the BlackBerry PlayBook’s release. We know that’s a bit of a bummer, but on the bright side of things the table listed shows a good variety of deals under the current promotion. We’ve got our eyes on the Samsung Galaxy Tab for $200 and the Samsung Epic 4G for $150. We suggest you haul it on down to your nearest Sprint store and see what’s in stock. Perhaps if successful enough Sprint will extend the promo? We wouldn’t bet on it, but we’ve got the right to dream don’t we?