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The WebOS and Windows Phone 7 Problem: The Role of the Underdog OS in an Android/iOS Dominated World

Walk into a crowded bar and look around. Seriously, just look. Not discounting the folks holding actual face-to-face conversations (a handsome minority, no doubt), take note of how many people are staring intently at the glowing brick of communication magic in their hands. Now, take note of just how many of those bricks are running Android…or iOs….got it? Good. Nothing out of the ordinary here. Now, try and find a WebOS phone. We dare you. Can’t do it? No problem. Point us towards the first Windows Phone 7 handset you can find and we’ll be happy. Right. Get the picture?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Hands On [Video]

Samsung was kind enough to send over their latest tablet offering better known as the Samsung Galaxy 10.1. Besides the obvious sex appeal, there’s more than what meets the eye with this piece of tech goodness. Under the hood you’ll find: a 1GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, and Android 3.1 running the show. We’ll have a full review up soon, but feel free to ask any questions you might have now.

HTC EVO 4G Getting Manual Gingerbread Update Starting June 3rd and OTA on June 6th

Are you an EVO owner feeling a bit of Gingerbread envy? Well friends worry not! Our Super Spies have sent us an internal Sprint document providing details on the HTC EVO 4G’s official Gingerbread update! EVO owners will be able to manually search for the update on June 3rd by checking in their phone’s settings. The OTA update will start rolling out on June the 6th. Customer’s phones will start notifying them that their device needs the latest software version and will ask them if the wish to allow installation. The update is listed as “4.22.651.2,” which also includes a fix for the dreaded Android SMS issue, as well as a fix for syncing multiple Gmail accounts. The entire process should take around ten minutes depending on your connection.

First Chrome Desktop is on its Way

Well that didn’t take long! Pictured above is the ChromiumPC, the first official Google Chrome desktop PC. Built from Xi3′s patented architecture, the ChromiumPC will be powered by a dual- or single-core 64-bit, x86-based processor. Though we think it kinda looks like a heat sink, this just might be a good idea. With a form factor of 4.0- x 3.656- x 3.656-inches and multiple color offerings, if competitively priced Xi3 just might have something. You can expect to see the ChromiumPC hit retail later this year. Full press release after the break.

Sprint Getting Carrier Billing for Android App Purchases

Attention Sprint customers that happen to have Android phones (we’d imagine almost all of you by now), you now have something else to coo about. Sprint customers can now bill their Android Market apps to their accounts. The Now Network now sits in the same club as T-Mobile and AT&T (aren’t they one in the same now?). Honestly we almost forgot that people buy apps, especially considering all the rooted phones out there and decent freebies. This still however makes for a decent option if you’ve found an expensive app and happen to be low on cash. Is it just us, or has Sprint and Google been awfully chummy lately?

Google’s Super Fiber ISP Heading to Kansas City [Video]

Well dude there you have it! After months and months, which felt more like years of waiting. Google has decided the first location that they will implement their fiber fueled gigabit ISP. After the city of Topeka renamed itself “Google” we just knew it would end up there right? Well the Big Goog did decide on bringing their network to Kansas, but sorry folks it ain’t Topeka. The folks from Mountain View have decided to go with Kansas City, Kansas, ouch! This almost like dating you girlfriend’s sister, awkward much? Well the good news is if you live in Kansas City you should see something next year. Why not check out a video talking about things to come?

Sprint Getting 4G Nexus S This Spring for $200 [Video]

The title to this one says it all. Unlike the original Nexus One, Sprint customers will soon have a shot at a 4G variant of the Samsung made Nexus S. Powered by the Now Network’s WiMAX, the handset will be available sometime this spring for $200. Sprint is billing this as a “Pure Google experience,” so we’re not expecting any bloatware. The Nexus S 4G will also include a more integrated Google Voice, which will be mingled with Sprint’s service. With all these Google goodies, it looks like Sprint is ready to go steady with Google, so don’t expect any Sprint iPhone announcements. However, speaking of announcements, you can check out a video of what their new Google Voice experience is all about after the break.

Google CR-48 Gets Some GSM Support After Painless Hack

Aside from fixing a nagging audio bug, it appears that the latest update for the Google Chrome CR-48 has added GSM wireless data support. So if the free built-in 100MB per month from Verizon isn’t doing it for you and you happen to have an AT&T SIM sitting around, and if you’re one of the lucky few who’ve scored one of these machines feel free to check out the how to from the peeps who came up with this hack. There is talk of possible T-Mobile support coming soon, but AT&T is already up and running. As for us we’ll stick with Big Red and tethering from our Sprint data connections since they’ve got the better connection in our area. This is all fine and dandy, but get us some Netflix support and we’ll be happy as a clam.

PS3 + Google TV This Year?

While out and about at CES last week we got some time in with a source at Sony and asked them about the possibility of Google TV making its way to the PlayStation 3. Our source went on to say “Some Sony blu ray players carry Google TV already, the PS3 is our best selling player, it makes sense.” Would the possibility of Google TV on a PS3 sway you into buying one? Or perhaps buying another one?  Our source didn’t give any full details, but we’d assume that adding the software to a PS3 would require some sort of hardware dongle and an IR blaster to control an external set top box. This will definitely add much more functionality and strengthen the console’s appeal as a multimedia machine. Considering Sony’s partnership with Google for Google TV and the two companies buddying up with projects such as the PlayStation Phone, it makes sense. If this comes into play the PS3 just might truly do everything before its life cycle comes to an end.

Google CR-48 Running Other Operating Systems (Video)

We knew Linux was happening, but Windows and Mac OS wow! Yep, the Google Chrome notebook is starting to moonlight with other operating systems. Take a look at the system running Snow Leopard. We wonder who is more upset, Cupertino or Mountain View? We’ll probably toy around and do a little dual booting of our own, in the meantime check out the video.