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Verizon Leaks Unannounced Tablet [Video]

It appears that somebody threw the switch on Verizon’s YouTube channel leaking an ad for an unannounced Honeycomb tablet. The device featured in the commercial only bears Verizon branding, but looks a whole lot like a follow up to the Motorola Xoom. Though this would be extremely early for a Xoom sequel, stranger things have happened. This could also be an ad for the Xoom getting the highly anticipated LTE upgrade. Whatever the case may be, it appears a new Honeycomb tablet is bound for Verizon. Take a look at the video after the break.

American Airlines Premium Seating to Include Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablets

How do you push a quality product in a market dominated by the competition? That’s easy, you put it in the hands of the people it’s marketed towards. Samsung will be doing just that with their Galaxy 10.1 Tab. Before the year comes to a close Samsung will be partnering with American Airlines to bring their 10-inch Android tablet to premium seating customers. The Galaxy 10.1 will carry a specialized version of Honeycomb, which will be loaded with flight related entertainment, such as American Airlines’ media streaming service. There is even talk of expanding the tablet’s memory. Check out the full press release after the break.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Hands On [Video]

Samsung was kind enough to send over their latest tablet offering better known as the Samsung Galaxy 10.1. Besides the obvious sex appeal, there’s more than what meets the eye with this piece of tech goodness. Under the hood you’ll find: a 1GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, and Android 3.1 running the show. We’ll have a full review up soon, but feel free to ask any questions you might have now.

Verizon Now Offering Motorola Xoom

It’s the moment some of you have been waiting for! That’s right the Xoom is officially available at Verizon! You can score the first official Honeycomb powered tablet for $600 on a two-year contract. Or you could just drop $800 or as we like to say, “eight hundy” and score one of these bad boys contract free. Nothing said about the WiFi only version just yet, but come on you know you want this LTE-ready love machine. We just took a mental note that Big Red is currently carrying three mainstream tablets, wonder how they’ll play this angle? We’d expect to see some TV spots bragging about this soon, no matter how short-lived.

Motorola Xoom Won’t Cost an Arm and a Leg, Just $800

A Best Buy web listing had the internet and a lot of potential Motorola Xoom buyers in a bit of a panic earlier today. You see the ad listed the Honeycomb powered tablet at a price tag of $1,199. That would make it the price of two iPads. At about $200 bucks past $1,000, or “a cool G,” as we say back home. It also informed us that pre-orders were ready as of Thursday February 17th. Everyone can now relax! As what we’ve thought has now been confirmed. The Xoom won’t cost you as much as your new notebook. That was just a filler price and the Android tablet will run you $800. Since the Best Buy ad has completely disappeared from their website, we’re not even too sure that you’ll be able to start your pre-order. You can always call your local Best Buy this Thursday and ask if they’re taking reservations.

Silver GSM Xoom Spotted in Dubai (Video)

We’re all juiced up about the soon to be released Motorola Xoom Android tablet, which so far appears to be exclusive to Verizon, at least here in the US. There has been endless speculation about the first official Honeycomb device also having a WiFi only version at some point soon, but so far no official word from Motorola. Now as far as other territories, it appears that they’ll be getting a different flavor of Xoom. The video below shows off a GSM silver version of the Xoom, SIM card slot and all! It also makes mention of a WiFi only version coming as well. This video hails from Dubai, so we’re not too sure if a GSM Xoom will find its way stateside, but after seeing this we’re left hoping for at least a few more options.

Motorola Xoom Hands On from Tbreak Media on Vimeo.

Motorola Xoom Gets Official

We’ve seen it teased, now it’s here! Motorola just made their Honeycomb powered tablet, now known as the Xoom official. We know it’s Verizon bound and features: a dual-core processor, 1GB internal RAM, 10-inch widescreen, rear (5MP camera w/LED flash ) and front facing cameras, HDMI output of up to 1080p full HD video playback, all powered by Android 3.0. Did we mention it’s LTE ready? We’ll have more as things continue to develop.

Motorola Buzzing Honeycomb at CES

Motorola has sent out a teaser video showing ‘Tablet Evolution‘. This one holds no punches! They call the iPad, “a giant iPhone,” and say that the Galaxy Tab is “running Android for a phone,” Hey don’t feel bad guys, they even took a look at The Ten Commandments, yikes! Honeycomb is on the way, and we’re starting to expect a lot.

Android’s Gingerbread is Almost Here, Why Not Take a Look at Honeycomb? (Video)

So we’ve seen Gingerbread in action already and we’re completely stoked about it. In fact we’re waiting on our Nexus S as we speak, but what does the future hold for Google’s Android platform? Engineering VP Andy Rubin sat down at D: Dive Into Mobile and not only talked about the future of Android, he showed us a glimpse of it when he pulled out a Motorola tablet prototype running Honeycomb. We don’t even officially have Gingerbread yet and here comes Honeycomb, geez! With that said check out the video, enjoy it while it lasts.

LG Tablet Set For Honeycomb and Q1 2011

With LG ditching it’s Froyo tab efforts, it appears they have bigger things in mind. An unnamed company official has been said to state that a Honeycomb powered Optimus tablet is set to be showing up in early 2011. The device is said to feature a 8.9-inch display and be powered by a dual-core Tegra 2 processor. That’s about all we’ve got for now. If this is in fact true it sounds pretty sweet. Before you go running the halls be warned LG hasn’t made any official announcements and will most likely deny this. We can’t help but wonder how a certain group in Cupertino feels about a 8.9-inch tab/pad?