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EVO 3D Heading to T-Mobile?

Our friends over at Tmonews have received info on the EVO 3D making its way through the FCC with AWS bands. They’re the first to say this doesn’t mean it will show up on T-Mobile, but stranger things have happened. We’ve seen our share of EVO clones, but would HTC consider bringing this product line to another carrier? If T-Mo pulls this off, an EVO 3D, G2X, and Sensation lineup sounds like enough to make the other carriers a bit envious.

Sprint at it Again! Still Going After T-Mobile and AT&T Customers

A little while back Sprint put together a promo aimed directly at T-Mobile customers. They soon tried to sweep things under the rug and claimed the promo was “for all non-Sprint customers.” However we’ve just received an internal document from our beloved Super Spies, which clearly shows they’re keying in on T-Mobile customers and now AT&T customers. The document states that towards the end of this month, Sprint will send out direct mail and email offers targeting T-Mobile and AT&T customers. The special promotion will offer $175 credit for porting over a new business line and a 12% monthly service discount. In addition to a bit of savings, they’re offering two handsets with this sales pitch. New customers will have the chance to pick up a free BlackBerry Style or a Motorola XPRT for $130. Sprint boss Dan Hesse has openly opposed the ATT&T/T-Mobile deal and it appears the company is following their leader’s lead with campaigns like this one. The deal targets customers in: Chicago, Miami, Colorado, Phoenix, Utah, Houston, Tampa, Minnesota, Kansas, East Michigan, Los Angeles, Orlando, New York City, and Dallas/Ft Worth. If your business operates in these areas and you’re looking to switch mobile carries, there’s no time like the present.

T-Mobile to be Serving up the Samsung Exhibit 4G and Samsung Gravity SMART Sometime Later This Month

T-Mobile and Samsung just keep on cranking them out! AT&T’s potential acquisition has just announced two new Android phones that won’t put a hurting on your pockets. The Samsung Exhibit 4G and the Samsung Gravity SMART will both cost you under $100 after their applicable rebates. Take a look at what these budget handsets have to offer:

Samsung Exhibit 4G

  • 1GHz processor
  • 3-megapixel rear facing camera (with flash)
  • Front facing camera for video chat
  • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • 4G connectivity via T-Mobile’s HSPA+

Samsung Gravity SMART

  • Android 2.2 (Froyo)
  • 3-megapixel camera
  • Full slid-eout QWERTY keyboard

Both devices are currently scheduled to release later this month. For more details check out the full press release after the break.

T-Mobile Releasing the HTC Sensation 4G on June 15th for $199

T-Mobile customers the wait is almost over. In just two more weeks the HTC Sensation will finally be available! Priced at $199 on a two-year contract after a $50 mail-in-rebate, the Sensation is T-Mobile’s strongest phone to date. In case you didn’t know the Sensation comes loaded with: a 4.3-inch qHD display, a 1.2GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, an 8-megapixel camera with dual LED flash, auto-focus, and 1080p HD video recording. Did we also mention that the Sensation is running Android 2.3 out of the box? Full press release after the break.

Sprint Targeting Uncertain T-Mobile Customers With Credit [Update 2]

It’s been no secret that Sprint has a beef with AT&T’s current attempt to buy T-Mobile. CEO Dan Hesse has publicly called it bad for competition, saying “If AT&T is permitted to devour one of the two remaining independent national wireless carries, while the rest of the world achieves advances in technology and innovation for the 21st century, the U.S. will go backwards- toward last century’s Ma Bell.” In an interesting yet competitive spin, we’ve received yet another internal Sprint document from one of our beloved Super Spies. The document gives up info on an upcoming promotion that the Now Network will be running aimed specifically at T-Mobile customers on the fence about this whole AT&T thing. The offer will allow T-Mobile customers the option to port their existing number over to Sprint and receive a credit for their early termination fee with T-Mobile. In the event the acquisition falls through and they wish to return to T-Mobile, Sprint will credit their early termination fee. This sounds like an interesting offer for those looking to test the waters, but be sure to act fast, because the document states the promotion ends on July 23rd. We’ll have more information as this further develops.

Update: This promotion will initially be aimed at business customers and evaluated for future use with non-business accounts.

Update 2: In an email sent to CNN Sprint has now confirmed that this promotion is available for both consumer and business accounts, with business customers receiving up to $175 in credit and individuals receiving up to $125 in credit. Sprint is now claiming that the offer is valid for those switching from any rival carrier.

T-Mobile Adds New Locations to Their HSPA+ Coverage

Fresh from T-Mobile’s Twitter the soon to be acquired carrier is still stocking up their high-speed mobile data network. Pueblo, CO; Fort Myers, FL and Wilkes Barre-Scranton, PA are the latest to be added to Tmo’s 21Mbps network. So if you’re rocking one of their many 4G handsets, get ready for a boost in data speeds. If and when the AT&T buyout is complete, it will be interesting to see how thick AT&T’s coverage actually is. Currently T-Mobile’s HSPA+ is available in 170 markets in the US..

T-Mobile G-Slate Ready for Retail April 20th?

The going word is that the T-Mobile/LG collaboration better known as the G-Slate will be ready for retail on April 20th. For those of you who still don’t know what we’re talking about, check out the specs:

  • 4G and Wi-Fi capable
  • Android 3.0 (Honeycomb)
  • 8.9″ HD screen
  • Dual rear-facing 5MP cameras for 3D video capture, HD video capture, and photo capture
  • Front facing camera for video chat
  • 32GB internal memory
  • Adobe® Flash® Player support
  • NVIDIA® Tegra 2 Dual-Core Mobile Processor 1GHz

The prototype that snuck around CES got a good buzz, but considering all of these tablets flooding the market and a $530 price tag, we’re wondering will this be the Android tablet to put a dent in Apple’s armor? We can’t wait to get our hands on this bad boy and find out.

LG G2X Hitting T-Mobile April 15th for $200

The folks from T-Mobile have made it official! The G2X is priced at $200 and will have an online release of April 15th and April 20th in store. As a memory refresher you’ll be welcomed to a dual-core Tegra 2 powered pure Google experience (Android 2.2), over T-Mobile’s HSPA+ (4G) network, but wait there’s more! You’ll also be treated to an 8-megapixel primary camera (with LED flash and autofocus) and a front facing 1.3-megapixel camera for self-portraits and video calls. It should be interesting to see how this one holds up.

AT&’T-Mobile’… AT&T Spends a Cool $39 Billion to Buy T-Mobile

Oh wow! Does someone have some humble pie to eat. After T-Mobile’s strong ongoing commercial campaign dissing AT&T, T-Mobile has a brand new owner. Wait for it… Nope it ain’t Sprint, and it ain’t Big Red. Yep, you guessed it, AT&T and Deutsche Telekom have reached a $39 billion agreement. The aftermath of this new mobile monster will result in something around 130 million customers. Now before all you T-Mobile and AT&T customers start trying to call each other expecting it to be free, please note that the deal is still pending regulatory approval. This process alone can take up to a year, anyone remember when Sprint bought Nextel? Well, so long fab four(Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint), hello big three!

Phone Free For All: Galaxy S 4G vs Nexus S [Video]

One of the most common questions we get around here is, “What phone should I get?” Two popular handsets getting kicked around are the Samsung Galaxy S 4G and the Nexus S (also made by Samsung). We decided to pit these two against each other in a randomly shot side by side video. We’re gonna start doing this more often and things will get better with time. Hit the jump to see these two go toe to toe.