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Reggie Says Wii U Will Arrive After April 2012 [Video]

While making an appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime shared a few upcoming titles. For starters Reggie showed some Kid Icarus AR gameplay, then showed a taste of Skyward Sword. As you’ll most likely be able to tell from Jimmy Fallon’s enthusiasm the games are pretty cool. Of course Reggie had to close things out with a touch of the new Wii U and this time the console got a little face time! The Focus was still on the controller, but hey at least the machine was there. Though he didn’t give up an official release date, he did say that the new system will release after April 2012. So by our count, we’d expect to see something released either just before or immediately after 2012′s E3. Oh and here’s a little spoiler, Reggie gave everybody in attendance a copy of Ocarina of Time 3D. Check out the energetic video after the break.

Where to Watch Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference

Not going to E3, but want some play by play action from Nintendo’s official E3 press conference? Nintendo has just announced that they’ll be streaming their press conference on the web. The big media event will start on June 7th at 9AM PDT. They’re also making mention of broadcasting exclusive content via the Nintendo Channel, which is accessible to just about anybody with a Wii connected to the internet. Now that we know you’ll be watching, we’re working on something witty to shout out during the show to show that we’re thinking of you guys. Full press release after the break.

Fake Looking Project Cafe Video Ruled Fake

A few days back an obscenely fake looking video of what was rumored to be a private presentation of the Wii’s successor was floating around the internet like a plastic bag caught up in a heavy breeze. Unlike many other sites on the world wide web, we refused to air the video, because we knew it was bogus (the things people do for web traffic!). It wasn’t because we had a super secret inside source about the situation. It was because Nintendo took no action and the video stayed on YouTube without any issues. If it was real, Nintendo would’ve had the video pulled immediately. We also took into consideration that the video looked extremely fake.

Nintendo is Moving on, but What About the Other Guys?

After an almost five year run, we’re now a few weeks away from Nintendo announcing the Wii’s passing of the torch at this year’s E3 in Los Angeles. Like everyone else we’re very excited about this upcoming milestone, but we’re also wondering how will this impact the other two players in the ongoing console war? We’ve decided to kick a few ideas around of what could possibly happen now that Nintendo is introducing some new hardware. Let’s get ready to play a game of the what ifs.

Nintendo’s New Console to be Called Revolution?

After an endless sea of rumors and Nintendo even stepping in to clear things up a bit. We now have more gasoline to throw on the fire! We’ve received word that the soon to be revealed Wii successor that is said to be sporting the codename “Project Café,” will not be called Wii2! In an interesting twist the new system is said to bear the name “Revolution,” which was the original name of its predecessor. This kinda makes sense, but we’re gonna take this with a grain of salt until we can get something concrete. However, with all the talk of touchscreen content streaming controllers and hardware that surpasses anything currently on the market. The name Revolution would be very fitting for such a machine.

Nintendo Confirms New Console for E3, Current Wii Price Cut Pretty Much a Lock

Instead of downplaying all the new console rumors, Nintendo has decided to come clean. They’ve officially announced a new console will be revealed at this year’s E3. So now the question is will they show the world some images or wait for the internet to uncover something? This also pretty much confirms the rumors of a Wii price cut, since the new system is slated for a 2012 release. We applaud Nintendo for stepping up and announcing the new machine, it puts them back in the driver’s seat. Full press release after the break.

Rockstar Games Already Working With Wii’s Successor? [Video NSFW]

The rumors that Nintendo is planning on announcing a new console soon just won’t die! Perhaps that’s why all these retailers are dropping the price on the Wii ahead of the rumored price drop? The latest ramblings are that developers already have dev kits for the new console, one in particular. Ever heard of a little company by the name of Rockstar Games? It’s now being said that they’re working on GTA 5 for the big N‘s upcoming platform. This sounds mighty uncharacteristic of Nintendo, but if this holds up perhaps the video below is a glimpse of the future?

More Nintendo New Console Rumors

The Nintendo rumors just keep on trucking. We’ve been hearing that they’re planning on announcing a new console at E3 and now supposed specs and details have been outed about the new mystery machine. A French website by the name of 01project is claiming to have some inside info. Their report says that the new system in question is carrying the codename “Project Café” and surprisingly its hardware is said to be similar to that of an Xbox 360, but with slightly more power. Perhaps they’re going this route in effort to make the software development process easy? Considering that many game developers say the Xbox 360 is the easiest platform to build for. The really bizarre twist here is the claim that Nintendo has gone the non traditional route with their controller hardware all over again. Project Café is said to have a touchscreen controller that features buttons and a built-in camera. If all this is in fact true, we’d love to see how it all comes together. We’ll keep following this and keep an eye out for more details as we draw closer to E3.

Nintendo to up the Ante at E3 With a New Console?

It’s been rumored, it’s been denied and now it’s back again. The current word around cyberspace is that at this year’s E3 Nintendo will in fact reveal and announce a release date for the Wii’s HD successor, but wait it gets better! It’s being said that this new console will have more power than the current hardware on the market, meaning more juice than an Xbox 360 and PS3. What really makes all this jabbering interesting is that it’s coming from Game Informer! When we think about Nintendo releasing a new console at this point we have mixed feelings. Sure the Wii has sold like gangbusters and yes it has made Nintendo more money than the guy who owns the color blue, but isn’t it too early? Well not really, especially when you consider the Wii’s current state and limitations when compared to the other two consoles. We’re almost positive Nintendo is tired of getting snubbed when it comes to multi-platform titles that require stronger hardware. Also when you consider how the release of the PlayStation Move and Xbox 360′s Kinect, perhaps the casual well might be starting to dry up? In any event, we’ll believe it when we see it. The going word is the new console with see a summer of 2012 release.