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Reggie Says Wii U Will Arrive After April 2012 [Video]

While making an appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime shared a few upcoming titles. For starters Reggie showed some Kid Icarus AR gameplay, then showed a taste of Skyward Sword. As you’ll most likely be able to tell from Jimmy Fallon’s enthusiasm the games are pretty cool. Of course Reggie had to close things out with a touch of the new Wii U and this time the console got a little face time! The Focus was still on the controller, but hey at least the machine was there. Though he didn’t give up an official release date, he did say that the new system will release after April 2012. So by our count, we’d expect to see something released either just before or immediately after 2012′s E3. Oh and here’s a little spoiler, Reggie gave everybody in attendance a copy of Ocarina of Time 3D. Check out the energetic video after the break.

Who Wii? Yeah U! [Video]

Aside from a terrible name, the Nintendo Wii U came off as pretty impressive. However there were a few things that we noticed that got our attention. The Wii U console itself was hardly shown during Nintendo’s announcement videos. Most of the focus was on the system’s unique controller and the way it interacted with the console and doubled as a display when within range of the Wii U. Nintendo has a history of taking advantage of gimmicks and the tablet-like controller looks mighty suspect, but after soaking up some action with the tech demos on the showroom floor, we couldn’t help but be intrigued. The big N stayed pretty mum regarding actual hardware specs, but their closing video showed multiple game developers pledging their support for Wii U and praising it as a new and exciting platform. We’d also like to note that some of the games announced for the future console are scheduled to release late this year and early next year on both Xbox 360 and PS3. Could this be a hint that we’d see an early 2012 release for the Wii U, in order to stay on par with its competition? Take a look at the things to come for Nintendo’s step into the HD realm. Wii U support lineup video after the break.

Where to Watch Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference

Not going to E3, but want some play by play action from Nintendo’s official E3 press conference? Nintendo has just announced that they’ll be streaming their press conference on the web. The big media event will start on June 7th at 9AM PDT. They’re also making mention of broadcasting exclusive content via the Nintendo Channel, which is accessible to just about anybody with a Wii connected to the internet. Now that we know you’ll be watching, we’re working on something witty to shout out during the show to show that we’re thinking of you guys. Full press release after the break.

Fake Looking Project Cafe Video Ruled Fake

A few days back an obscenely fake looking video of what was rumored to be a private presentation of the Wii’s successor was floating around the internet like a plastic bag caught up in a heavy breeze. Unlike many other sites on the world wide web, we refused to air the video, because we knew it was bogus (the things people do for web traffic!). It wasn’t because we had a super secret inside source about the situation. It was because Nintendo took no action and the video stayed on YouTube without any issues. If it was real, Nintendo would’ve had the video pulled immediately. We also took into consideration that the video looked extremely fake.

Wii Price Drop Gets Real Starting May 15th

After pretty much everyone under the sun talking about a Wii price drop, Nintendo has finally decided to come clean. The big N has added a brand new SKU to the tune of $150. Available May 15th, this new bundle will include: Wii console, Wiimote with Motion Plus, Nunchuk, a copy of Mario Kart Wii, and a racing wheel. We don’t know about you, but we see the Wii going the way of the Dreamcast and original Xbox around two years from now. For those of you that are interested, full press release after the break.

Nintendo is Moving on, but What About the Other Guys?

After an almost five year run, we’re now a few weeks away from Nintendo announcing the Wii’s passing of the torch at this year’s E3 in Los Angeles. Like everyone else we’re very excited about this upcoming milestone, but we’re also wondering how will this impact the other two players in the ongoing console war? We’ve decided to kick a few ideas around of what could possibly happen now that Nintendo is introducing some new hardware. Let’s get ready to play a game of the what ifs.

Nintendo’s New Console to be Called Revolution?

After an endless sea of rumors and Nintendo even stepping in to clear things up a bit. We now have more gasoline to throw on the fire! We’ve received word that the soon to be revealed Wii successor that is said to be sporting the codename “Project Café,” will not be called Wii2! In an interesting twist the new system is said to bear the name “Revolution,” which was the original name of its predecessor. This kinda makes sense, but we’re gonna take this with a grain of salt until we can get something concrete. However, with all the talk of touchscreen content streaming controllers and hardware that surpasses anything currently on the market. The name Revolution would be very fitting for such a machine.